​An Interview with Meg Laporte on her Series Age in America

This week I sat down with Meg LaPorte, a freelance writer and communications consultant, adjunct instructor at UMBC’s Erickson school, and founder of Age In America. She serves as director of communications and marketing for LifeSpan Network and writes for various senior living publications, including McKnight’s Long Term Care News and Senior Housing Forum. LaPorte has more than 25 years of nonprofit, association management experience, with 18 of them in the field of aging services.

Last year, I met up with Meg to discuss the launch of her project: Meg LaPorte the Founder of Age in America, a Collection of Stories Designed to Challenge Aging Stereotypes

Age in America interviews individuals living in Senior Living Homes around the country.  Since the start of her project, Meg has interviewed over fifty people and hopes to begin outsourcing the project so others can interview the individuals living in their care homes.

Meg has dedicated much of her career to disrupting ageism in our society, and it is projects like Age in America that we believe will be a significant contributing factor in how we change our view aging.


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