This is NOT an Anti-Aging Book: A Closer Look at Cameron Diaz’s The Longevity Book

The Longevity Book is a surprisingly pleasant and easy read that is perfect to add to your summer reading list. It offers great tips on how to openly discuss our unique experience, which is so critical to our own perceptions of self-worth.

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Is Yoga Right for You? Learn How You Can Develop a Yoga Practice that Embraces Health and Aging

Guest Post Author: Travis Friot | Yoga for Health and Aging  For starters, let’s debunk some common myths about this practice.  Yoga is for everyone.  A lot of people envision yoga as a time and place of extreme stretching and flexibility. Images of people looking like contorted pretzels and even chanting some ominous conjuring language come to […]

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The Perks of Getting Older, ​There are so Many!

Guest Post Author: Toby Dean | UKsMobility   Growing older means different things to different individuals. While some associate aging with wisdom, grace, and satisfaction, others keep clinging on to the past and not seeing the upside of growing old. Growing old is not optional but mandatory, and once you know the perks associated with […]

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