Caregiving Both Ways is my first book, its contents are inspired by the time I spent working directly with individuals living with dementia.

Caregiving Both Ways features 10 Chapters that guide YOU the family caregiver through the caregiving process. Each chapter contains exercises, how to’s, and activity ideas designed to cultivate meaningful caregiving experiences for you and your loved ones living with Dementia.

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Book Endorsements

Caregiving Both Ways is a wise and empathic guide to caregiving. Molly Wisniewski’s experience and heart shine through in this accessible and fact-filled guide. Even if we’re not currently a caregiver, we are all likely to end up in the role at some point, so it makes sense to familiarize ourselves with the experience now. This will be your guidebook to help you navigate this profoundly important experience.

Nicole Christina, LCSW–Psychotherapist, Host of the Zestful Aging Podcast

I think it’s fabulous! Molly is able to bring a depth of knowledge and comprehensiveness that is very unique. Fabulous job!

Meg LaPorte, M.A. – Founder of Age in America

Molly Wisniewski is a passionate advocate for the senior population and is very involved in researching ways to improve services available for these deserving people. She champions the Upside to Aging vlog and has continued to create resources such as creating the book “Caregiving Both Ways” which is an excellent guide to skills that could be used to make your loved one’s life better.

Nathan Lamaster, CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) and Founder of SMART CEUs Hub, LLC

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