Jackie, 68

I had the exciting opportunity to sit down with Meg LaPorte about her latest project Age in America. Age in America’s mission is to reframe perceptions of aging in America with oral histories, storytelling, and images that illustrate the positivity, diversity, and value of being older.

Stay tuned for a closer behind the scenes look at the next greatest human interest series since Humans of New York!

Until then here is Age in America’s first spotlight Jackie, age 68, from Baltimore City.

Age In America

“My mother and father wanted the best for me. My father worked at Bethlehem Steel [at Sparrow’s Point]. He was a good provider. We also had a grocery story. My mother had me in piano lessons and I did piano recitals. I even went to Peabody Preparatory but I didn’t stick with it. That’s one regret I have, but I became a teenager and I wanted to be with my friends rather than in the house practicing. My childhood was full of exciting things to do. I was spoiled. My father pretty much gave me whatever I wanted. Even when I was 18 or 19, my dad would be with his friends down at the laundromat and I would be in the car and he would flag me down and he would take me to fill the car up with gas. When I think about it, I think ‘you were spoiled…

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