Let’s Talk, Aging with Natalie Coley Bringing Seniors and Soldiers Together One Letter at a Time

I had so much fun learning about Natalie Coley’s new pen pal platform seniorsandsoldiers.com.  Natalie was searching for a way to give back to her community and realized that there was a great need to support our seniors and our soldiers, so she set out to find a way to assist both.

From their website:

At Seniors & Soldiers, our mission is to provide a fun and joyful way to give back to our nations most valued members. We do this through the exchange of hand written letters.

Our nations seniors have provided valuable wisdom and companionship to many people over the years. It is unfortunate, but all too common to hear about them suffering from loneliness. We have partnered with churches, senior living communities and community senior centers to help carry out our mission. We try to give back to our seniors by providing this to them as a free service.

Our nations soldiers selflessly work to ensure our freedoms on a daily basis. They risk their lives, give up time with their own families and go without a lot of things most take for granted. We utilize the USO’s “Operation Gratitude” to help us carry out our mission. We show gratitude to our soldiers by helping collect encouraging notes and letters from our members.

You can check out my conversation with Natalie below or visit my  Youtube Channel!

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