Change By Design: How the byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator Transforms Our Perception of Mobility and What it Means to Age

This is a sponsored post by byACRE in support of their North American launch of the Carbon Ultralight. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Part of our mission at the Upside to Aging is to combat persistent stereotypes of aging by providing caregivers with the tools and resources to support their loved ones in need of assistance. Because with understanding, we can begin to change the way others perceive the aging experience. Naturally, we look then for partners that uphold the same values and beliefs and whose mission is first to combat ageism and second to offer a product that can do so.

So when we learned that the Copenhagen-based organization byACRE was launching in the United States and Canada, we were thrilled! Denmark is renowned for its innovation in design, and byACRE is no exception. But what I loved most about their company, and why I ultimately wanted to partner with them was because their mission, clearly stated on their website, is to break down the stigma related to reduced mobility and to help those it serves to maintain an active lifestyle without compromise.


Mobility is one of the core values in modern life. It’s also a top challenge facing older adults. The current market for mobility aids has failed to adequately support this community with ageist messages and outdated models that denote feelings of dependence and fragility – an inaccurate representation of today’s thriving older adult community. Thus, byACRE set out to challenge and to transform the mobility aid category, with a model engineered for a person, not a patient. byACRE believes a mobility aid, something so essential to our daily lives, should be a point of pride and personal style.

I love the sleek outline and the prominent color options that give consumers the accessibility to choice. The Carbon Ultralight provides a stylish and sporty design with no resemblance to the traditional boxy silver walker with tennis balls. The design alone directly changes the conversation from mobility limitations that surround the use of conventional walkers to instead continued accessibility and stylish features of the Carbon Ultralight. It’s also incredibly light, and easy to move. At just 10.5 pounds, it’s the lightest rollator in the world.


November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country and to raise awareness of family caregiver issues. Caregivers commonly assist loved ones when they have mobility difficulties; and are often the first line of defense. The byACRE Carbon Ultralight is designed to empower your loved one’s independence, confidence and everyday mobility for your loved one. Caregivers will quickly find that their loved one is once again excited to go out on walks and that shopping trips are back to being a fun bonding trip rather than a care task.

The conventional walker has long been a symbol of losing independence, often requiring caregivers to assist in navigation, and continuously moving the walker out of the way when not in use. The Carbon Ultralight rollator changes that. As both stylish and easy to maneuver, the Carbon Ultralight rollator allows users to maintain their independence. Both professional and family caregivers will find they will spend less time having to assist in straightening out or navigating through walkways; it is more accessible to transport and easy to store.

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight just launched in the U.S. and Canada and is available through  For a limited time, you can reserve your device at a 25% off discount through byACRE’s Indiegogo campaign.

Carbon Ultralight
The product is available in three colors (Carbon Black, Strawberry Red and Oyster White); and in two sizes (regular and wide track) for optimal walking and seated comfort.

About byACRE


byACRE is a leading international designer and producer of stylish mobility products. byACRE believes that mobility aids should be more functional, easier to use; and even stylish. Founded in Copenhagen, the heart of Scandinavian’s design hub, the byACRE team combined expertise in engineering, design and visual arts for social good, setting out to create the sleekest, top performing rollators on the market.

Since 2017, byACRE’s mindful designs have won some of the world’s most prestigious awards in design and innovation, including the 2019 RedDot Design Award, the 2017 IF Design Award and the Danish Design Award. “by ACRE” is its quality seal. It’s rooted in the words ‘Active’ and ‘Re-Habitare’ – the Latin word for Back to Life. For more information, visit

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