Jessica Guthrie of When Career and Caregiving Collide Shares Her Story of Being a Full-time Executive and Full-time Caregiver to her Mom During the Pandemic

Jessica Guthrie is a full-time, millennial caregiver, advocate, educator, and non-profit senior executive. 

Jessica is the full-time caregiver of her mother who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease seven years ago. For the first half of her journey, Jessica was caregiving from a distance while she worked in Texas and her mother lived in Virginia. After years of consistent travel, she recently moved back home to live with her mother to ensure she received the most attentive care.  Jessica deeply cares about amplifying the voices and experiences of millennial caregivers as they navigate the complexities and rigors of the healthcare system, continue to thrive in their career growth, and intentionally balance their own self-care and well-being.  When she’s not working or caregiving, you can find her teaching dance fitness classes at her local YMCA. 

Jessica is also the Vice President and Chief Program Officer at Teach For America Dallas-Fort Worth where she works alongside a talented team to recruit, train and support our nation’s most promising leaders to influence systems-level change in their classrooms and beyond.  She has been instrumental in developing the leadership and teaching capacities of over 1,200 education leaders reaching 60,000 students daily. Jessica deeply believes that all children deserve unparalleled access to a quality education so that they can self-determine their own futures in the face of our country’s history and ongoing systemic inequity.  

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We would love to hear from you! If you are or were a family caregiver during COVID we would love to share your story. Please reach out to

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