Sick and Tired of Trying to Manage All your Medications? Try CVS Pharmacy’s New Program ScriptPath Prescription Schedule Today

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Medication Management Made Easy

As a family caregiver, you know how difficult it can be to organize and administer all your loved one’s medication.  Medication management is a critical aspect of a family caregiver’s duty and ensuring your loved one receives the proper intake of medicines at the appropriate times each day is vital to their health and safety.

The sheer number of prescription drugs your loved one takes can be overwhelming. The Health Policy Institute at George Washington University reports that the average number of prescriptions filled increases with age, from thirteen orders for those ages 50 to 64 to twenty-two prescription for those ages 80 and older.

With so many instructions to manage, it quickly becomes cumbersome, and the risk of errors significantly increases. CVS Pharmacy understands how difficult medication management can be and has created a new program that addresses these concerns for its patients. CVS Pharmacy’s new prescription management system, ScriptPath Prescription Schedule, is designed to make it easier for patients to locate and understand prescription information and dosing instructions to ensure greater efficacy and improved adherence.

 A Better Way to Understand Doctor’s Orders.

A doctor’s appointment can certainly leave you with more questions than answers.  We’ve all sat there as the doctor quickly overviews the new regiment they’ve prescribed and outlined each drug lengthy list of instructions. We nod our heads in complete understanding only to leave and pick them up at the pharmacy with no idea which is which.

ScriptPath includes the newly released Prescription Schedule, which features the patient’s prescription information and includes specifics on when and how much medicine to take, as well as clear refill instructions and personalized notes. The Prescription Scheduler automatically manages all your medication’s and organizes the prescribers’ instructions for each.  It even provides you with a schedule of the most effective times to take medications by separating it into four dosing times (morning, midday, evening and bedtime).

Not only will you be able to easily access and manage your prescriptions, but using such a sophisticated system will save you hours of your time and significantly lower the chances of a medication error!

And, Wait There’s More!

In rolling out their new ScriptPath Prescription Scheduling program, CVS Pharmacy took great strides in ensuring they understood the needs of their patient’s. Too often, the small and lengthy text makes reading prescription instructions a hassle!  CVS understands how important it is to understand and manage medication instruction is to medication adherence and has made several changes to how they share medication information with patients.

In addition to the ScriptPath rollout this year, CVS Pharmacy is introducing a new Prescription Label, which will feature more explicit directions, larger text and color-coded icons to signify different times of the day for dosing, as well as a new Prescription Overview that will include easier-to-read dosing and refill information.

No Time to Waste!  ScriptPath Prescription Schedule is Available NOW!

ScriptPath Prescription Schedule is available now upon request at all CVS Pharmacies, more than 9,700 retail pharmacy locations. Already a CVS Pharmacy member? If you are one of the more than nine million CVS Pharmacy patients who take more than five medications each day, the system will be automatically offered along with a consultation with a store pharmacist when you pick up your prescriptions.

There is an infinite number of items on your To-do list as a family caregiver.  With so much to do and to worry about it is easy to feel that you may be in this alone.  Caregiving is a tiring job, and many of the finer details of care will take up a significant portion of your day. Fortunately, with programs like ScriptPath Prescription Scheduler, effective medication management is one less thing you will have to worry about. Their easy-to-use system will keep you up-to-date and organized on a schedule that is convenient for both you and your loved one.

Want to learn more?  CVS Pharmacist are excited to offer this helpful and thoughtful service to their patients and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.  Just stop by or call your local CVS Pharmacy to learn more about the ScriptPath program today!

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