Supporting the Family Caregiver: CVS Pharmacy Designs a Digital App that Benefits both the Older Adult and the Family Caregiver

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In our last post, Sick and Tired of Trying to Manage All your Medications? Try CVS Pharmacy’s New Program ScriptPath Prescription Schedule Today we told you about the exciting new ScritptPath Perscription program CVS Pharmacy is rolling out in 2018.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life managing a list of medication is unnecessarily time-consuming and we have all been waiting for a program like this one!

Caring for your loved one is sometimes a challenging undertaking and managing your loved one’s medication on top of your own can be quite confusing. The ScriptPath program goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy and ease in your medication management routine.  No longer will you have to fumble through the 10-20 different medications deciphering which one must be taken with food and which one can only be taken in the evening.

CVS Pharmacy has automated this system for you by providing you with a schedule that simplifies the medication management process. The innovative system includes the newly-released Prescription Schedule, which prominently features the patient’s prescription information and includes specifics on when and how much medicine to take, as well as clear refill instructions and personalized notes.

The prescription bottles will directly correspond with the ScriptPath schedule printout (see image below).  Using larger print and symbols, CVS aims to answer all of your medication questions before you even ask! The design is user-friendly and may also seek to increase medication adherence with your loved ones who still manage their own medications.

Photo Source: CVS

What are some other ways that CVS Pharmacy is helping patients?

The ScriptPath scheduler program and new prescription labels are explicitly designed for the patient’s needs in mind.  CVS Pharmacy has a mission to ensure patient accuracy when it comes to medication adherence and a vision to improve health outcomes in the community.

CVS Pharmacy patients have access to industry-leading clinical programs and benefits designed to generate better health outcomes by creating a convenient and informative experience, programs include:

  • Maintenance Choice: Allows plan members to opt to fill 90-day supplies of medications for chronic conditions
  • Pharmacy Advisor: Offers face-to-face or over the phone pharmacist counsel to help members achieve better health
  • CVS Specialty: Patients can bring their specialty prescriptions to any CVS Pharmacy and choose between in-store pickup or delivery by mail
  • ScriptSync: Enables patients and caregivers with multiple maintenance medications to pick up all of their eligible prescriptions at the same time.

Embracing the Ease of the Digital World

CVS Pharmacy also offers innovative digital tools to help customers manage their health with more efficiency and have easier access to programs that help them start and stay on their prescriptions. The CVS Pharmacy mobile app helps notify customers when orders are ready and make it easy to refill prescriptions and check information at a glance.

One of our favorite features in the app here at the Upside to Aging is the MedRemind, which helps customers stay on track with their medication schedules by enabling them to customize reminders to take their prescription and notifications to caregivers when a dose is missed!

The app is also equipped with a Drug Interaction Checker that checks whether the medicine will have any potential adverse reactions with other medications. And a Pill Identifier that helps users identify what a pill is by entering in descriptive information such as shape, color, and imprint

A Caregiver’s One-Stop-Shop

We just love that CVS has incorporated the role of the family caregiver into their system design.  For many family caregivers who suddenly find themselves in the throes of caregiving, it is programs like these that will make all of the difference in the world to the care of your loved one and manage the stress levels for you!

CVS Pharmacist are there to help and are able to answer any question you may have regarding the ScriptPath program or Digital app.  Be sure to stop by or call your local CVS Pharmacy today to learn more.

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