An Interview with Joyce Williams, 2018 UK Blogger Finalist for ‘Grandma Williams’

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Joyce Williams also known as “Grandma Williams” on her journey to becoming a first-time blogger at 80!  Joyce is a fantastic example of how older adults are disrupting the long-held (stubborn) beliefs of what it means to grow older.  With a stellar sense-of-humor and an impactful pen (keyboard), no topic is too big for this writer who has publicly called out a number of aging stereotypes.

A retired Physiotherapist, Joyce took up blogging only a year ago driven by her curiosity and desire to creatively start something new.  Unsure of where to start she found herself taking a ‘Blogging for Beginners’ course and knew straight away she was a rare gem in the 20 to 30 something world of blogging…and so did everyone else!  In over a year, her blog Grandma Williams has attracted a lot of attention and is featured on channels like BBC World, Daily Record, BBC Radio, and East London Radio to only name a few!

So without further ado, The Upside to Aging is pleased to introduce you to the creative mastermind behind Grandma Williams, Joyce Williams!

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