An Interview with Rick O. Weijo: How to Leave your Legacy for Future Generations

Last week, I spoke with Richard (Rick) O. Weijo, Ph.D. Author of Remember Me: Creating & Leaving an Inspiring and Memorable Legacy. During the interview, we discussed what life events prompted him to write his book and I learned more about the importance of creating a legacy for future generations.

Currently, Rick is a consultant and writer. He adores his young granddaughter Elsie, whose birth inspired writing the book Remember Me (originally published under the title Our Dreams for Our Children).  Rick and his wife Sharon live in Portland Oregon.

Rick offers a free copy of the legacy forms on his website for anyone who wants to start creating a legacy and may not know how.  His book Remember Me guides the readers through his own journey to set an example to how and why it is so important to provide this gift to the next generation and beyond.

We had such a thoughtful conversation, and I learned so much! See how you can start creating your legacy today!

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Reference: Legacy Letter Image –

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