A Life Untold: Recording our Loved One’s Memories So They are Never Forgotten

I started the Upside to Aging for several reasons, but none more important than my belief that every family caregiver deserves the chance to get to know their loved one with dementia during this new phase of their life.

There are many ways you can do this. However, it is understandable that after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia the relationship with that person shifts.  One of the beautiful gifts in such a difficult diagnosis is their ability to remember the special people and moments of their former years.  Reminiscing on the good times that they’ve had with the people they love most is one of the most common attributes of individuals living with dementia.

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When I found out about A Life Untold, I couldn’t help but love the concept, and immediately saw the benefits such a beautiful gift could be for family caregivers and their loved ones.  Many caregivers don’t know where to begin when trying to get to know their loved one with dementia.  A Life Untold offers a series of exciting and engaging questions you can ask your loved one and offers you a chance to hear stories you’ve never heard before.

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As a digital platform, their answers will be recorded so that you may continue to share their stories for years to come. A Life Untold makes preserving memories easy and allows anyone to leave a legacy gift to their family and loved ones.

As families come together for the upcoming Holidays, A Life Untold could offer an excellent opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about good times you had together. Together you can create a beautifully designed auto-biography that the whole family will love.

Here is a word from their co-founder Josh:

“Our mission at A Life Untold is to make it easy, fun and affordable for absolutely anyone to record their life story.“

Most people that have tried writing their life story never finish. Others would like to help their loved ones pass down their stories, but don’t know how. That’s where A Life Untold comes in – we make it easy, fun and affordable to turn anyone’s life story into a captivating and professionally designed book.

Our story

A Life Untold is a family business. After our daughter Eve was born, my wife and I got into a sentimental mood and wanted to record our parents’ life stories for her (and to be honest, us too). We wanted these stories to be written down so they could be retold and remembered for years to come. We couldn’t find a good way to do that so decided to interview them and publish their answers into a book. We love the books (and so do our parents), so took the idea and created A Life Untold.

How does it work?

Whether you’re writing your own life story or helping a loved one with theirs, our process involves two easy steps:

Step 1: Take our interview

Complete an online interview containing over 100 thought-provoking questions that anyone can answer about their life.

Our questions are designed to prompt people to remember exciting events in their life naturally.

They are broken down into different “life chapters” like childhood, work, love, and more philosophical questions as well so nothing is missed.

Step 2: We design, print & deliver your book.

Once the interview is complete, A Life Untold designs your story into a free digital e-book that you can easily share with family and friends via email.

03 - Inside the Book

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