Let’s Talk, Aging: Valoria Walker on Advanced Care Planning and the Role of an End of Life Doula

Valoria Walker founded Aging Adult Services LLC., dba Doula By Destiny to increase the awareness of end of life care options and diminish the gaps of care patients and their family members face while dealing with the end of life situations. We often fail to plan for the care at end of life, so when we are bombarded with information, we find ourselves ill-prepared and lacking the understanding needed to make crucial last-minute medical decisions. We are often needed to navigate the end of life care planning. The lack of knowledge, planning, and coordinating end of life care can lead to adverse experiences for patients and caregivers.

As the respite caregiver, Valoria witnessed the gaps in care and communication during her mother’s illness, which led to an adverse ending. During the loss of her mother, Valoria managed to stay focus on her studies, but she often reflected and reviewed the meaning of her life. She continued her education and received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, concentrating on Gerontology from the University of Maryland University College. After receiving a challenge from her son to go back to school, Valoria secretly continued her education and surprised her son with an invitation to her graduation where she earned her Master in Management of Aging Services from the Erickson School at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She knew this was the time to pursue her passion for assisting aging adults and their families.

Valoria stays focus on the challenges aging adults and caregivers encounter daily, particularly lack of coordinated care at the end of life. Serving as a speaking ambassador to promote The End of Life Doula Movement, she educates communities on the significance of planning for the end of life care to achieve comfort and peace at the end of life. She received her training as an End of Life Doula from the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA). Whenever possible, she volunteers at various hospice facilities to stay connected to her calling and the community. Valoria believes her purpose is to help the living rest in peace while assisting caregivers to be at peace.

Valoria is the grand prize winner of the 2019 Boom Conference Pitch Competition hosted by TKC Incorporated and sponsored by AARP.

Valoria is a member of the International End of Life Association (INELDA), American Society on Aging (ASA), National Association for Professional Gerontologists (NAPG), and the Coalition of Geriatric Services (COGS).

You can check out my conversation with Valoria below or visit my  Youtube Channel!

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