Caregiving Both Ways: A Guide to Caring for a Loved One with Dementia (and Yourself!) is Out Now!

Caregiving Both Ways is Available

Amazons #1 New Release in Dementia

Caregiving Both Ways is now available for purchase and I was deeply humbled this morning when I woke up to the news that it was on Amazons #1 new release in dementia! Order today on, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, & INDIEBOUND.

NR Caregiving Both Ways

About the Book

In May 2018, I received an unexpected yet thrilling email from the editors at Mango Publishing asking if I wanted to set up a time to speak with them regarding a book to coincide with The Upside to Aging.

Of course, I said yes, after dancing around the apartment a few times!  A book had always been in the back of my mind.  The opportunity it brings to connect with caregivers from all walks of life.  To share what I have learned over the past 13 years through both work experience and academic training was really important to me because I often felt that so many of our conversations in the aging field were being had with the professionals themselves and not the people who are directly affected.

Over the next year, I spent most of my time writing and re-writing to ensure that Caregiving Both Ways could genuinely be used as a tool for caregivers who have found themselves in a role that no one prepares you for.  I felt it was essential to validate individuals who have struggled and were exhausted by their caregiving duties and to say out loud that it is okay to have these feelings but to then offer ways to move through them and into a meaningful experience for both the caregiver and the individuals living with dementia in their care.

IMG_20190815_170330_438This book focuses on dementia for several reasons, one being because I’ve worked with individuals living with dementia for so long. I found that the frustration in miscommunication between caregivers and the care recipients was creating an uncomfortable situation for both leaving many feeling frustrated and guilty at the end.

This just wasn’t my experience at all.  I formed so many beautiful relationships with individuals living with dementia and realized rather quickly that while we (the care providers) may not understand what they (the individual with dementia) is trying to tell us that didn’t mean that what they were saying wasn’t right or valid.

I firmly believe there is a language to dementia that can be learned.  This book spends time honing in on the subtleties of behaviors and encourages you to use all of your senses when communicating.  I wanted to include exercises, activity ideas, and lists throughout so that you can engage in the material and work through some of the more challenging bits of care with the support of the book behinds. Because when you are given the proper tools, you too can learn the language.

Thank you Mango Publishing – I have enjoyed every moment of this journey and that is in large part of your wonderful and capable team who have been nothing short of inspiration during this time!

Order today on, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, & INDIEBOUND.

In the News

Caregiving Both Ways Referenced in Publishers Weekly

Caregiving Both Ways was highlighted in this Publishers Weekly article by Lynn Garrett! Check out other wonderful resources on caregiving reviewed in When Caregiving is a Lifetime Commitment.

What Are People Saying?

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Book Endorsements

Molly Wisniewski is a passionate advocate for the senior population and is very involved in researching ways to improve services available for these deserving people. She champions the Upside to Aging vlog and has continued to create resources such as creating the book “Caregiving Both Ways” which is an excellent guide to skills that could be used to make your loved one’s life better.

Nathan Lamaster, CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) and Founder of SMART CEUs Hub, LLC

Caregiving Both Ways is a wise and empathic guide to caregiving. Molly Wisniewski’s experience and heart shine through in this accessible and fact-filled guide. Even if we’re not currently a caregiver, we are all likely to end up in the role at some point, so it makes sense to familiarize ourselves with the experience now. This will be your guidebook to help you navigate this profoundly important experience.

Nicole Christina, LCSW–Psychotherapist, Host of the Zestful Aging Podcast

I think it’s fabulous! Molly is able to bring a depth of knowledge and comprehensiveness that is very unique. Fabulous job!

Meg LaPorte, M.A. – Founder of Age in America

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Author: Molly Wisniewski
Publisher: Mango Media

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