Let’s Talk, Aging Interview with Artfull Aging Founder Cailey Massey

I had such a pleasant conversation with Cailey Massey, owner of Artfull Aging. Art programs in Long Term Care is a vital creative outlet for older adults living in these communities. I can attest first-hand how important working with a professional artist is when establishing an art program in your community. Cailey has thought of it all and has created a program that can be catered to your specific community needs.

Cailey also addresses some crucial things to consider in the field as we move away from the medical model and embrace person-centered care. Art needs to be in the conversation, and she’ll explain why.

I enjoyed our conversation and looked forward to sharing it with you. So grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy!

About Cailey: 
unnamedCailey Massey is a professional artist and the founder of Artfull Aging.  She has been developing person-centred art programs for over a decade for people aged 3 to 103 years old.   With industry training, Massey has dedicated her career to improving access to art programs for older adults.  Artfull Aging programs empower older adults through creative experiences that promote lifelong learning, self-expression and social connectivity.
Connect with Cailey: 
Instagram: @artfullaging https://www.instagram.com/artfullaging/

You can check out my conversation with Cailey below or visit my  Youtube Channel!

For another opportunity to learn more about Cailey’s work check out this two part interview series on  by Mark Venning on his website changerangers!

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