Embracing Elderhood with the ‘Life Minded’ Approach

Guest Post Author: Cindy Greenfield | LinkedIn

When it comes to senior living, there is no doubt you may have wondered who that old guy glaring at you in the mirror every morning you wake up. Ever thought about how you got those wrinkles or how your body feels as if it is a neglected scientific experiment? Well, you can change that!

It is vital to understand that getting old in the 21st century is vastly different from before. We live in a highly youth-centric society. Getting old in this society is a thing that you should fight. Even for the most independent of free-spirited of us, aging can be somewhat of a threat to our self-esteem, our motivation to always do good and our overall identity and standing in society.  

However, you have to understand that you still have the power to not be this way and look forward to getting old with a big smile on your face.

Look, there is no way you can stop yourself from getting old, it is natural and inevitable – but it is also one of the most beautiful and graceful things in life. From the moment we are born until when our time finally arrives, we experience a form of evolution, experience, and growth. Senior living with the right mindset can be a fantastic gift – one that will enable you to age with wisdom, mental and physical strength, a sense of adventure and independence.

You Have to Begin Embracing This Phase of Your Life and the Fact that There is No Turning Back

You must prepare your mind and say that your time isn’t up – you have a whole new life ahead. You can climb this hill and fun while doing. You have to say that you will never waste your energy or time regretting the past and hope to change things that you can and never will be able to. Here are some easy ways to embrace your graying hair.

Always Live in the Present

The best way to forget the past and start enjoying the present is to invest some time in getting the motivation to draft a new plan for this phase of your life. Find a new purpose, figure out the things that you are passionate about, work on a project you abandoned long ago, find the spark to build yourself again.

Discipline Yourself

If you have a physical or cognitive ailment or are showing symptoms – stop and create a plan to counter everything. Start eating healthy, start enjoying your time with like-minded people, work out, join a worthy cause in your society, etc. Do whatever you can to become healthy again – it is not impossible.

Stay in Touch

Being alone isn’t the answer; you have to start enjoying the company of good people. Don’t restrict yourself in isolation, it is vital that you start connecting with your family and like-minded peers and close friends and just have a good time as much as you can – realize that you have all the time in the world.  

If you have family scattered across the country, do your best to pay them a visit on holidays or invite them over for a weekend worth of get-togethers and whatnot.

Don’t Dwell in the Past and Repeat the Mistakes You Made

The past is just as it sounds – in the past. It isn’t worth thinking about it or wasting time trying to correct mistakes – look forward to a new future, to a new chapter in life.

Reasons Why It Is Time You Must Embrace Your Elderhood with a Positive and Jubilant Attitude

Minimal Stress

Senior living is all about chilling, relaxing and stimulating your mind and body as much as you can. Throw the “grumpy old man” vibe far away from your life and realize that as you’re getting old, you have accomplished so much and have left some of the most challenging aspects of your life way behind rising above the occasion. Think about the career you have gone through, your parenthood and all the trial and tribulations in life that are not going to be a priority anymore – now you are truly free and independent.

Age can translate into minimal stress and the less you stress about things, the more you can take out time for your family, grandchildren and your friends. Look forward to the finer things in your life – taking care of your garden, growing your own food, taking care of your pet, traveling, etc.

Take Advantage of What You have Earned

Don’t take offense to how retailers word it – focus on the numerous senior citizen discounts they give on a variety of things that you can enjoy. Be happy that you’re getting so much recognition and don’t be hesitant about revealing your age and opting for a hefty discount. You have earned all your life – no is the time to cash in!

Become Cheeky and Get Away with it!

This is perhaps the most fun bit of getting old – you can become cheeky and full of humor and get away with it. You can have some fun and pretend you hear less or use any other form of paraphernalia and just have some fun with people. It does well for the soul!

You Have Become More Confident

You no longer care about how you would look with a six-pack or big arms and whatnot – you have accepted the way you look, and you’re proud of yourself. You can now truly be yourself in all aspects of life. You don’t have to worry that you have to stack a drawer full of exotic drinks or cigars just to please your guests or friends. Now, a cup of coffee, some apple pie and lemonade will do just fine.

So there you go folks, no reason to be alarmed that you are getting old – you are entering into a new stage of life, embrace it with vigor and live a full life! That is what senior living is all about!

About the Author: 

Cindy Greenfield specializes in senior living and retirement community lifestyles. She currently operates a retirement community in Washington and loves to contribute articles about senior health, fitness and wellness, retirement transitioning and other senior Life Minded topics. Follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindy-greenfield-631a7b12/

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